PANDOMO® by ARDEX. Unique. Creative.

“Human beings create exceptional things, modelling them on nature. They combine colours, shapes and functions in inimitable ways, defeating the ordinary through the unique instruments of creativity.”

We too are guided by nature – it is the driving force that inspires us when developing living spaces using the PANDOMO® Floor and Wall systems. The resulting interiors have a very distinctive character. Your imagination is all that counts.

This is the philosophy of PANDOMO®.

This is how we have been inspiring planners, architects and discerning house-builders ever since 1999 – at the time we were the first, and for almost two decades we have been a globally successful premium brand when it comes to designing decorative surfaces.

PANDOMO® is one of the premium brands of ARDEX, a world leader in the market for high-quality building chemicals and special-purpose construction materials. As a family-owned company, it has been pursuing a sustainable growth strategy for more than 65 years. Today, the ARDEX Group employs a workforce of over 2,500, operating in more than 50 countries on all continents.