PANDOMO® Protection Liquid

1K-PU Permanentcare

Polyurethane sealer for the permanent protection of PANDOMO® floors

Product description

For interior use

Protects floor surfaces from fine scratches and traces of use with a care film.

Prevents premature wear and increases the service life of the surface.

  • silk matt
  • dirt-repellent
  • particularly hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant
  • Preserves the mineral character
  • Can be trafficked quickly
  • Easy to apply

Technical data

Material requirement: approx. 40 – 50 ml/m² (per coat)
Density: ca.1,018 g/cm³
pH-value: ca. 8,4
Apperance: liquid-cloudy, milky
Applicationtemperature: approx. + 15 - + 25°C surface temperature
reduce or switch of underfloor heating.
Drying time: Can be carefully walked on after approx. 1 - 2 hours. Fully loadable after approx. 12 hours.
Drying time between two applications approx. 12 hours.
The times stated refer to + 20 °C and 50 % rH.
At low temperatures and high humidity, the drying time will be longer.
Packaging: Canister with 5 L net
Storage: Store in a cool, but frost-proof place, close opened containers tightly
Storage time: Can be stored for approx. 24 months in the original sealed
container. Use opened containers as soon as possible.

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