Car Dealership Klein & Kautenburger, Saarlouis

A special place.

A Mecca for automotive enthusiasts, stretching across an area of around 8,000 square metres, is currently under construction in a former factory in Saarlouis, a town in the Saarland. It will include the innovative high-tech supplier Braun CarTec, a “motor loft” as a service centre and a lively meeting place for those interested in vintage and classic cars, as well as a themed museum. The exclusive car dealership, a partner of the tuning company Brabus, has already opened its doors. Showing a keen intuition for trends, two experienced car dealers have created what is essentially a “toyshop for grown-up boys”. The design of a car dealer’s showroom is an excellent opportunity for communicating one’s own standards of quality and performance authentically. Visitors to Saarlouis will be particularly struck by the coherent symbiosis between exclusive car marques and classy showroom design. One of the eye-catching features that define the interior is a large, homogeneous wall extending seamlessly over 300 square metres, with a distinctive style and a satin finish. Its discreet, high-class look incorporates characteristic trowelled patterns.

Walls as a high-quality design element.

A special decorative smoothing compound was used to achieve this distinctive wall design – Pandomo Wall, by Ardex – together with a special technique. Expert craftsmen can apply this pre-coloured, cement-based decorative smoothing compound quickly and easily in just a few steps, using the usual tools of their trade. After mixing with water, the decorative smoothing compound Pandomo W3 was applied in layers of approx. 2 mm, wet-on-wet to avoid joins. Having dried for approx. one hour, the surface was then lightly moistened and the resulting cement slurry was carefully pressed into the surface using a stucco trowel. The individual strokes of the trowel were deliberately preserved, giving the walls their distinctive and unique finish. Thus in just two days, the experienced workmen created a highly individual and top-quality result, quickly and with high economic efficiency in just a few steps.