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New attitude to life in the historic post office building - with timeless Pandomo terrazzo floor

Work Life Center Hamburg

Witten, April 9, 2019. reconciling life and work This is the concept of the Work Life Center in Hamburg. In the former post office building in an exposed location between Gorch-Fock-Wall and Dammtorwall, an attractive commercial building with a modern lifestyle has been created. Matching this: timeless Pandomo terrazzo floors from Ardex. 

Maintain the listed façade, completely redesign the interior: Thus, the Old Post Office Directorate was given new life. The façade of the Wilhelminian splendid building from 1883 was left standing during the conversion. In the central building and the historic central hall, areas for a fitness studio, a coworking space and other modern offices and business premises were created on seven floors. The old structures were retained and even the windows were reinstalled after cleaning - the character of the historic building was to be preserved. For the new construction of the central glass hall, the listed riveted steel girders were also dismantled, refurbished and reinstalled.

Simple, noble and insensitive

In heavily frequented public areas, a floor is required that is highly durable, can withstand heavy wear and tear and is easy to maintain. A terrazzo floor fulfils all these requirements. The specialist company Natursteinsanierung Sandt GmbH from Eggesin was able to convince with the best concept for this: A 2.4 cm high top layer of PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic was to be applied to a two-layer screed construction with PANDOMO BG with a height of 10 cm. Together with the experts from Ardex, the certified processing partner also submitted a structural analysis calculation. Because heavy equipment had to be used for the work on the upper floor, including new underfloor heating.

perfect performance

For a clean finish, the floor specialist used PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic and the grey binder matrix PANDOMO BG. This binder can be used to produce mineral, quickly usable decorative floors in terrazzo look - in combination, on separating layer and on insulation.

good to process

PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic is based on classic terrazzo techniques. It is particularly suitable for producing quickly usable and ready-to-install mineral decorative floors. The floor gets its individuality by adding regional aggregates. Finally, the floor gets its unmistakable appearance from the decorative grain. This consists of limestone or marble stone and has been used in architecture since ancient times.

The WLC has become a place to work and live, which inspires with its open and elegant atmosphere. The simple and decorative terrazzo floor is a real eye-catcher.

About WLC

The Work Life in Hamburg's city centre offers modern office and commercial space on around 12,000 square metres. The building is close to the State Opera, Gänsemarkt and the Planten un Blomen Botanical Gardens. The Work Life Center was built by DWI Grundbesitz GmbH. AUG was responsible for construction management. PRIEN construction company (GmbH & Co. KG). The property is now 94% owned by Eastern Property Holdings (EPH).

About Ardex

Ardex GmbH is one of the world market leaders in high-quality special construction chemical building materials. As a family-owned company, the company has been pursuing a sustainable growth course for almost 70 years. Today, the Ardex Group employs more than 3,000 people and is present in more than 100 countries on all continents, with almost complete coverage in its core European market. With more than ten major brands, Ardex generates total revenues of more than EUR 770 million worldwide.

For press inquiries please contact:
Ardex GmbH
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Tel. 02302 664-598, janin.dorloff@ardex.de