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Historic site on the banks of the canal: restaurant design in Berlin with terrazzo flooring by Ardex

Restaurant and Café Reinhard Bär

Witten, 25 October 2018 An office building in the middle of Berlin, in a modern and at the same time historical environment: For a restaurant business, this is a location that demands a special design. In the new office building "Am Hamburger Bahnhof", this was achieved with a terrazzo floor from Ardex, which at the same time creates a connection between the atrium of the office building and the restaurant. 

Generous floor design

The floor surface in the restaurant was designed with ARDEX PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic The use in a gastronomic establishment requires a floor that has a certain hardness and slip resistance, can withstand heavy use and is easy to maintain. In the modern, open ambience, a floor covering was also required that allowed a generous surface design. The choice of flooring was easy for Reinhard Bär, as PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic was also installed in the atrium of the office building. "The builder and owner of the building gave me the choice of a different floor in the restaurant," reports the restaurant owner. Since he can also use the atrium, for example for major events at weekends, it made sense to install the same floor in the restaurant. "And I found the look of the floor to be very good and appropriate," Bär continues.

PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic is based on traditional terrazzo techniques. This terrazzo system offers a variety of possibilities for individual and innovative surface design for floors, walls and ceilings. Terrazzo flooring is particularly suitable for the production of quickly usable and ready-to-install mineral decorative floors. An individual and regional character can be achieved by adding regional aggregates. For the office building at Hamburger Bahnhof, the client and restaurant operator chose a white terrazzo floor with natural stone grain.

Quickly laid and well processed

The time schedule could be kept. The fact that PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic is suitable for particularly fast, economical and creative work benefited Robert Wollschläger's contractors, who laid the floor quickly. The "Reinhard Bär" opened in June 2017 as planned. The floor is well processed and shows no surface damage even after almost one year of use. "The appearance is excellent", praises restaurant owner Bär and is pleased with the bright ambience with incident light. And Berlin has a new, successful location in historical surroundings and directly on the canal.